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Double Layer Unilateral Footwear machine Bangladesh

Item Specifications
Product: Double Layer Unilateral Modularized Midline
Model: 690
Call: 01971828880 ;01611828220


Double Layer Unilateral Modularized Midline Footwear Machine in Bangladesh with reliable price.


  • With the use of efficient near infrared lamp heating and electric heating, the temperatures is uniform, which is conductive to enhance the soles, upper adhesive force.
  • Convenient LAYOUT arrangement, all staffs can operate insidely and support each other.
  • Equipment space is small. The oven is designed in depth. The shoe tray runs in a "U" shape arrangement.
  • The built-in space of the oven is small and closed. It  can effectively reduce the heat loss.

PLEASE CALL FOR LATEST PRICE of Footwear Machine in Bangladesh: 01971828880 ;01611828220 

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